3.5-1844 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [Android] Add most of the Dolphin video/gfx settings to the settings menu.
3.5-1843 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu ogl: explain why pinned memory is disabled for index buffer
3.5-1842 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu Gameini database update. Fix Metroid Prime 3: Corruption settings that got deleted by the clean up of revision e5f4586356cc. Fix/clean up various stuff that showed up in the process of searching for o...
3.5-1841 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu ogl: fix the range of glDrawRangeElements
3.5-1840 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu ogl: use texture_2d instead of renderbuffer for realxfb + efb2ram fbo
3.5-1839 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu ogl: remove glBindFragDataLocation
3.5-1838 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [Android] Forgot to document the new parameter used in SaveConfigToDolphinIni() in the last change. Fixed that.
3.5-1837 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [Android] Turn SaveConfigToDolphinIni() into a static method. Now saving settings to the ini config just uses one call in PrefsFragment.onDestroy().
3.5-1836 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [Android] Remove the loading toast messages from the UI. These really don't need to be here since the things they were used for took very, very little time to load.
3.5-1835 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [Android] Decouple Dolphin.ini config file saving from GameListActivity. It doesn't make sense to save the config AFTER control is returned from PrefsFragment to GameListActivity, since the main purpo...
3.5-1834 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [Android] Simplify saving settings to the ini file. Since the setting names are known, there's no reason to loop through them.
3.5-1833 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu Correctly check for AVX support in x64CPUDetect
3.5-1832 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [Android] Change the settings menu a little more. Instead of the settings being a single view with settings from all components being displayed, I have broken it into sections. This future-proofs the ...
3.5-1831 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu pixelShaderGen: also execute alpha test for always fail with late z test
3.5-1830 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu Gameini database update for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Super Mario Sunshine (Japanese). Fixes issue 6504. Fixes is...
3.5-1829 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [ARM] If one requests a FPR to not preload but then later ask it to preload. Make sure to preload it at that time. Would have caused issues with having to make sure the non-preloaded regs were always ...
3.5-1828 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [ARM] Add ps_sum0 and a disabled ps_madd.
3.5-1827 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [ARM] Disable floating loadstores as they cause problems. Reenable faddsx/fsubsx as it works with loadstores disabled.
3.5-1826 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu ogl: remove glMapBuffer as it isn't in gles
3.5-1825 6 lat, 11 miesięcy temu [ARM] Disable faddsx since it causes problems in crazy taxi.