3.5-1743 7 lat temu Sync gameini ratings from the wiki. Fixes issue 6477.
3.5-1742 7 lat temu CleanFiles: Remove use of chardet
3.5-1741 7 lat temu Move the new CleanFiles Python script to Tools/
3.5-1740 7 lat temu Normalize all Game INI files
3.5-1739 7 lat temu GameConfig: Remove unused [HLEaudio] section
3.5-1738 7 lat temu IniFile: Don't parse comments after the [Section] brackets
3.5-1737 7 lat temu IniFile: Remove support for comments anywhere but the beginning of lines
3.5-1736 7 lat temu Mark the Direct3D9 backend deprecated. sadly one important functionality is impossible to implement correctly in this backend(zcomplock). Still, I will try to fix as many issues as i can.
3.5-1735 7 lat temu Gameini database update. Robotech: Battlecry, MySims, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Kart Wii, Totsugeki Famicom Wars vs, Paper Mario (n64 VC), SUPER MONKEY BALL 2 and BEACH SPIKERS are affected. ...
3.5-1734 7 lat temu [ARM] Implement andx, andi_rc, and andis_rc.
3.5-1733 7 lat temu [ARM] IMM support for all integer instructions that call ComputeRC. Small FPS gains everywhere.
3.5-1732 7 lat temu [ARM] Fix ori again.
3.5-1731 7 lat temu Remove "-0" from stable version numbers in a more foolproof manner for vs and cmake builds.
3.5-1730 7 lat temu Remove some non-catastrophic IPC_HLE wiimote related PanicAlerts. We have logging for this. Fixed issue 6464.
3.5-1729 7 lat temu D3D11: Implement zcomploc for hardware supporting D3D 11.0.
3.5-1728 7 lat temu Fix a merge fail that happened when I merged in Android. It is just a bit of duplicate code, no issues came from it.
3.5-1727 7 lat temu Revert "Fix a memory leak in ExpressionParser.cpp"
3.5-1726 7 lat temu Remove -0 from stable release version numbers.
3.5-1725 7 lat temu Use a multibyte-neutral codepage when calling *printf on Windows.
3.5-1724 7 lat temu Fix a memory leak in ExpressionParser.cpp