3.5-1244 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Android Related - A tiny simplification/readability change for NativeListView.
3.5-1243 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Merge branch 'Android-trash' since it is no longer quite so trashy.
3.5-1234 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Kill off dangling else's in the InputCommon project.
3.5-1233 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Really minor LogInfo consistency fix in ActionReplay.cpp.
3.5-1232 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Clean up most (99.99%) of the tab/space mismatches in the VideoSoftware project.
3.5-1231 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Good job Windows. Stop choosing the same names as I do.
3.5-1230 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Extend our OSD class to support callbacks on init, onframe, and shutdown.
3.5-1229 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Implement a few more store instructions on ARM
3.5-1228 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Fix fastmem on ARM
3.5-1227 7 lat, 12 miesięcy temu Merge in latest changes to ArmEmitter from the PPSSPP crew. Should fix the dumb random crashes I had from IOS icache clearing not initializing a value.
3.5-1226 8 lat temu GOOGLE CODE, STOP BEING CRAP please :(
3.5-1225 8 lat temu Make debug builds use unicode, not multibyte.
3.5-1224 8 lat temu Refactored the SystemTimers to allow for per-UCode timing. Fixes issue 6237.
3.5-1223 8 lat temu ogl: remove GL_TRIANGLE_FAN on utils rendering
3.5-1222 8 lat temu Merge branch 'primitive_restart'
3.5-1211 8 lat temu ogl: fix single core crash
3.5-1210 8 lat temu DolphinWX: Fail less at explaining what framelimit is doing.
3.5-1209 8 lat temu VertexShaderGen: Fix a small GLSL regression in emboss mapping.
3.5-1208 8 lat temu NetPlay: Updated the "Alert" text. Removed the "?" button as it was useless. Sorted the game lists. Made wider the player list.
3.5-1206 8 lat temu Update iso file cache version.