3.5-1227 8 lat temu Merge in latest changes to ArmEmitter from the PPSSPP crew. Should fix the dumb random crashes I had from IOS icache clearing not initializing a value.
3.5-1226 8 lat temu GOOGLE CODE, STOP BEING CRAP please :(
3.5-1225 8 lat temu Make debug builds use unicode, not multibyte.
3.5-1224 8 lat temu Refactored the SystemTimers to allow for per-UCode timing. Fixes issue 6237.
3.5-1223 8 lat temu ogl: remove GL_TRIANGLE_FAN on utils rendering
3.5-1222 8 lat temu Merge branch 'primitive_restart'
3.5-1211 8 lat temu ogl: fix single core crash
3.5-1210 8 lat temu DolphinWX: Fail less at explaining what framelimit is doing.
3.5-1209 8 lat temu VertexShaderGen: Fix a small GLSL regression in emboss mapping.
3.5-1208 8 lat temu NetPlay: Updated the "Alert" text. Removed the "?" button as it was useless. Sorted the game lists. Made wider the player list.
3.5-1206 8 lat temu Update iso file cache version.
3.5-1205 8 lat temu Fixed split WBFS file size display. (probably) Fixed issue 6222.
3.5-1204 8 lat temu Track the real wiimote rumble state to drop outgoing rumble reports with no effect. This eliminates constant streams of reports in various games that constantly send audio reports. (Just Dance 2, DKCR...
3.5-1203 8 lat temu ogl: support glsl120
3.5-1202 8 lat temu ogl: one framebuffer per efb2tex texture
3.5-1201 8 lat temu Seriously, someone kill me.
3.5-1200 8 lat temu Kill me now.
3.5-1199 8 lat temu Remove an extraneous comment indicator from DebuggerPanel.cpp in DolphinWX.
3.5-1198 8 lat temu Remove all tab/space mismatches from the DolphinWX project (at least 99%. I promise!)
3.5-1197 8 lat temu Rename the "Disable Dest. Alpha Pass" option to "Disable Destination Alpha" (GUI-only).